My name is AiToR Badiola Manero, I was born in 1964 and I live in Laguardia, Pais Vasco, Spain.

My intention when I look for images is to express my admiration for Nature. I believe in the photography a  a means for the transmission of the beauty of nature and the wish of protecting it. I want to show its more intimate beauty and transmit my love to her and in this way to promote her respect, the desire to keep her, to care for her, to protect what we have left of her on earth.
I like to cover all the possibilities offered by nature photography, from the documentary to the abstract, through all the creative possibilities among.
I also work with travel photography and ethnographic, especially expressive portraits of individuals in their environment.

I would like to take photos that have both composition and message. I aspire to be able to create a message with the composition as a tool, because it is in the composition where I can most influence as an author. In fact to keep on learning photography I like to study the masters of Painting.

I have traveled through: Nepal, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Jordan, Turkey, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Greece, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Tanzania, Namibia and Madagascar.

Any way, I think that good compositions have already been created by Nature and you just have to go look for them.What I look for when photographing is also to capture the emotions that I feel when I am attracted by a particular spot. Above all I try to grasp its essence. I like to freeze time, to make eternal a beautiful moment. Summarizing, what I enjoy most is the process of continuous learning.



Canon eos 1DX mark III camera.
Lents canon: 11-24L, 14L, 17-40, 24-70L, 24TS-E L, 50 f1.4, MP-E65 macro, 100L macro, 70-200L, 200L, 100-400L, 400 f4 DO, 600 f4 L.            

Dron, DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

Nikon coolpix A for street photography.

Olympus TG-6 for underwater photography.

Tripod Gitzo, ball-point, GH-2 label; Millimeter ball. 2 Flash 430EX II, remote control ST-E2, windows of light, reflectors, diffuser, umbrella, light box, tripods of flash. 2 outbreaks. Flashlights. Intervalometer.
Filters: polarizer, neutral density, reverse neutral gradient and 2 neutral gradients.
Chair-hide, camouflage nets, wader. Deck chair. Binoculars.
Slide Scanner , ibook pro and iMac.

I have photographed and observed nature since I was a teenager and I consider myself a naturalis. I am passionate about learning, creating and improving in this art of photography. My photographic modalities are: Landscape, Flora, Fauna, Creative photography, Travel and Human beings in its natural environment.

I feel qualified to do any photographic work based on Nature.

Prizes in nature photography contests:

TIFA 2023 Tokyo international foto awards honorable mention category fine art-abstract

GLANZLICHTER 2023 (Germany) Highlight in Magnificent Wilderness.

MONTIER PHOTO 2023 (France) La naturé revisitée.

PX3 PARIS 2023, (France) Honorable mention in the natural landscape

OASIS photocontest 2023 (Italy) nomination artistic nature.

6th International digital exhibition vision 2023, (Finland), diploma Nature.

Fi14th (Finland) International Digital Circuit 2022, gpu HM nature.

XV GOLDEN TURTLE Wildlife photo contest 2021 (Russia), Finalist in the Art and Nature category.

BIOPHOTOCONTEST 2020, (Italy) 2nd prize in the Plants and Fungi category.

FotoNoja 2021 (Spain) Honorable Mention in the Art and Nature category.

SeoBirdLife FotoAves 2021 (Spain) Finalist, photo published in 2022 calendar.

Cadiz PhotoNature 2019, (Spain) Honorable Mention in the Art and Nature category.

Naturcyl 2018 (Spain) 1st prize in the World of Plants category and finalist in the Landscape category.

MontPhoto-Aefona 2017 (Spain), 2nd prize in the Art and Nature category.


Aitor badiola, nature photographysite by Bluekea